I don’t know about everyone else, but the Niagara region is one of my favourite parts of Canada. I remember my first time to Niagara Falls as a kid and I just couldn’t believe there could be so much water in one place, falling the way it was falling! Then when I became an adult, I discovered Niagara-on-the-Lake. I have never fallen in love with a place so quickly before. I drove there with my 3 best friends during the summer of 2015 to go see Mumford & Sons. The moment we drove into that little town, we all fell in love. I hadn’t been there since but every time I thought about a mini vacation it popped into my head. Fast forward to 2018 and I finally went back! This time I took my person with me. Since our anniversary is right after Christmas and Stefan was working on the actual day, we decided to just take a mini road trip and treat ourselves to a day away of just us time instead of stressing out over gifts. I found the cutest B&B on Airbnb that was the perfect mix of historical and modern. It was only about an hour and a half drive from Toronto which sweetened the deal.

One thing you should know about Stefan and I is that we have a hard time pulling ourselves together to travel on our days off together. His trips are anywhere from 10-16 days long (sometimes longer). So, when we finally have days off together, the last thing we want to do is turn right back around and head back to an airport. Hence why we opted for a nice road trip where we could eat all the snacks we wanted and sing our hearts out to the radio.

We were the only people staying at the B&B since everybody else goes to a warmer place for Canadian winters. Our host showed us to our room, explained all about how her and husband ended up running a B&B after both working in the production industry in Toronto, suggested some local places to eat, and then set us on our merry way. We spent the day exploring the town and enjoying each others company. We made a no phone rule (except for pictures of course), so we didn’t have an distractions and we could focus on some alone time. We ended up eating at a great farm-to-table restaurant – Treadwell Cuisine – that spoiled us from beginning to end. The next morning we had the most amazing breakfast spread I’ve seen. Our host went above and beyond providing us with local jams, slow cooked scrambled eggs, whole wheat waffles, and pretty much anything else you could want for breakfast. Oh and coffee. Always coffee. After we checked out, we wandered around little more before making a pit stop at Niagara Falls. We were hoping to see it somewhat frozen but the weather had been mild for a couple of days so no giant icicles for us! We made our way home back to the fur babies and felt more relaxed than we had felt in a month or so.

If you think you need a vacation, don’t underestimate the power of driving 2 hours and disconnecting from the world for 48 hours, it’s surprisingly therapeutic.



*We are now trying to figure out where we can buy a historical yellow house.


*This mailbox made me want to believe in Santa all over again.



  • J xo

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