Things You Should Know When You Decided To Date A Flight Attendant

If any of you reading this have been following this crazy flight attendant journey I’m on, then you’ll know that my boyfriend – Stefan – is a pilot.

EDIT - IMG_1116_Fotor

He’s super handsome and flies a big fancy plane all over the world thanks to his new job and one time I wrote about What It’s Like To Date A Pilot. Thankfully, this wonderful man has already been dating me for well over a year, is also in the industry, and has (almost) mastered how to put up with me. But, incase anybody was wondering what things you should know when it comes to dating a flight attendant I’ve decided to jot down a few. This may come in handy if you are new to a relationship with a flight attendant, you’ve got one in the family, or you’re like Stefan and you’re just trying to go with the flow.

Quit The Small Talk: I do small talk for a living, I really don’t want it when I’m at home. I would rather have a deep and meaningful conversation than the same conversation I’ve had with hundreds of people on my plane.

I’m Moody After Flying: Oh Stefan, I apologize for this constant battle. Don’t take it personal, it’s not you. I smile when I haven’t eaten since 4:00 am. I small at the passenger that just snapped their fingers at me. I smile when we’ve IROPed and all the angry passengers are asking me questions. I definitely do not smile when I get to my car after a pairing. I promise I will be back to normal, I just need to rock out to a couple of songs on the radio and eat a snack.

I’m On My Own Time Zone:I used to be the front-runner of this one until Stefan started his new job (which is mainly cargo flying at weird hours of the day/night). I guess this one will be a joint category. In our line of work every minute counts, but when it comes to sleeping, our bodies don’t follow a clock. We’re constantly crossing time zones, pushing our bodies to their limits, and working to the point of exhaustion. We sleep when our bodies tell us to, not when the clock says so. In other words, don’t think we’re being lazy when we just woke up at 3 in the afternoon (or 3 in the morning if you’re Stefan).

I Only Care About My Appearance At Work: When I’m at work, I may take a little extra time getting ready because I’m trained on how to wear my makeup, how to do my hair, what nail polish colour I’m allowed to wear, what jewelry I can wear, what style of shoe I can have, and more. I don’t know another job where you could get written up, and possibly fired for not upholding certain standards of appearance. So, when I’m at home and we decide to go out into public, sometimes I’ll tame my bed head, sometimes I’ll just throw it up into a bun.

I Like Attention: I can be on a trip for 4-5 days and Stefan can now be on trip for up to 2 weeks! So, when I have time off with him, I like to make up for lost time. I tend to put the worries, concerns, and work problem on the back burner just long enough to let us enjoy our reunion. Once that’s settled, we can tackle whatever else is bothering us in the outside world.

I Always Have My Bags Packed: I love my time at home, don’t get me wrong. But, sometimes on my days off I have to hop back on a plane to go to New York or Ottawa with minimal hours at home. SO, even when I know I’m going to have multiple days off at home, the moment I have clean laundry I just pile it back into my suitcase so that I’m ready for a spur of the moment trip.

I Talk About You: Sure I love to complain in the back galley about how hungry I am or the fact that 23D just slammed my finger in the overhead bin, but the number one thing that I love to talk about are my loved ones at home. There’s never a flight where Stefan isn’t brought up in conversation. Every pairing there is at least one moment where I brag about my amazing family and my cool ass best friends. Talking about how proud I am of Stefan and wherever he may be flying to at the moment or how I get to have a lazy day with my best friend or be home with my family for a birthday celebration is my way of staying close to home, even when I’m gone.

Trust Goes A Long Way: If you have trust issues, don’t waste your time dating a flight attendant. Flight attendants need to be with someone who not only has the ability to completely trust, but who are also secure in themselves. I cater to hundreds of people on an airplane for 4 days straight who don’t trust me when I say they will still make their connection even though we took off 3 minutes late. If a relationship is going to work, there needs to be trust.

I’m going to end this little advice/rant session on a high note. This man right here is the reason why it’s so easy to do this job day in and day out. His trust and support are what keep me going through the hard days and hearing his voice on the other end of the phone after a long pairing is what I look forward to the most. It’s not easy dating a flight attendant and I cannot give enough appreciate to this man for somehow making it seem easy (even when I’m being challenging). I love you the most. XO

EDIT Screen Shot 2017-03-03 at 1_Fotor


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