It’s Been A While…

Well hey there! It’s been a couple of months since I have sat down in front of this screen and boy oh boy have I missed it. Every couple of days I would think to myself that I should take some time out of my day and write on here but life has been a bit hectic. Let’s see what has happened since the last time we caught up…

  • Stefan got a new job and went through 3 months of intense training so I spent a lot of free time visiting him in Miami and now I can say he flies a 747 – no big deal
  • I moved out of my apartment with my best friend – Lauren – and into a sublet with another flight attendant
  • I worked over Christmas but got to see my family on my overnights (always a bonus!)
  • I had 3 weeks off work in January and got to spend most of that time with Stefan
  • I visited Palm Springs TWICE and didn’t wan to leave either time
  • I discovered my new temporary neighbourhood and all the cool things it has to offer
  • I ate too much sushi and caught up with Lauren and realized I miss the hell out of living with her and,
  • Stefan and I decided to combine households come June

Wowie. It’s been quite the year so far! I’ve missed putting on a great playlist and writing out all of my random thoughts. But at the same time I was really struggling with moving into a sublet room and feeling like I didn’t really have a space that was mine. I have since taken a couple of days to explore the neighbourhood, put flowers in my room, light a familiar candle, and add my own touches to the room. That being said, it has still been a tricky transition. Every so often I’m reminded that despite the fact that I moved into the place n December, I have to move back out at the end of April. The glamorous life of a flight attendant figuring her life out. Come April, I will be moving the little bit of junk I own into a storage space for a month and commuting from New York for the month of May until our place is all set to go for June. I’m super-duper excited for that. I GET TO BE A NEW YORKER FOR A MONTH! I find that pretty neat. Until then, Stefan and I are just trying to see each other while we can and I’m trying to spend as much time as I can making my place feel like home and catch up with my best friends while I’m not flying. It’s going to be a crazy, hectic, emotional, exciting year ahead and I can’t wait for all the adventures.

Until next time XO


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