Charlottetown, PEI

Oh, Canada! One of the things I love so much about this job is the fact that it lets me explore so many parts of Canada I never would have thought to visit before. I was sitting reserve about 2 weeks ago when my phone started obnoxiously ringing and I looked down and saw “Crew Sked” on the screen. Uh oh. I was assigned a 4 day pairing worth 4 hours. Yes, you read that right. That meant I had a 52 hour layover in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. I would usually dread a pairing like that but I have always been interested in visiting PEI so I was looking forward to it! I only had to work one flight down there and then one flight back home a couple of days later so it was a pretty easy pairing. No complaints!

We got in pretty late at night but the next morning I woke up and left my hotel with 2 goals: to find a good place for coffee and to find Cows ice cream. Now, I believe that you aren’t truly a Canadian until you’ve filled your belly with Cows ice cream. This ice cream is to us what Ben & Jerry’s is to America. God Bless you Vermont. The downtown area of Charlottetown is pretty small (at least compared to my big city lifestyle). It didn’t take me long to find a coffee shop that looked like the perfect fit. I glanced down a side street and saw a street lined with beautiful street lamps, string lights, and an abandoned Christmas tree.


If you remember my post from Moncton, you’ll remember I found another abandoned Christmas tree on their streets – maybe I should start a side blog for orphaned Christmas trees! I took it as a sign and took a couple of steps down the street before finding myself in front of Receiver Coffee. I fuelled up with an Americano before hitting the streets of downtown Charlottetown and getting some Christmas shopping done thanks to all of the cute and unique shops it had to offer. Since I had to pass Cows ice cream on the walk back to my hotel I figured I might as well stop in and get some ice cream! Stefan was nice enough to find it on google maps (all the way from his hotel room in Miami) and make sure I knew where it was before I even landed that first day. I ordered my go to choice – chocolate chip cookie dough – and the guy managed to cram more chocolate and cookie dough pieces in that cone than I have ever seen before.

Since I had a whole second day in this beautiful city, I decided to call it a day and binge watch some Gilmore Girls in anticipation for the return on November 25th! WHO ELSE IS AS EXCITED AS I AM?!

Now, I’m going to share an inside flight attendant tip with you guys… this job is not always sunshine and rainbows and it can really take a toll on your emotions. My second day I was having a hard time being part of a very disconnected crew that already knew each other (then this new girl joins them off reserve) and feeling the stress of being far from Stefan while he’s busy training for a new job. At times, I let my emotions get the best of me so I decided to explore the waterfront that Charlottetown had to offer. I stopped by Receiver Coffee to grab an Americano for the road and then continued my walk to the water. Along the way I came across beautiful colonial style homes in the birghtest colours. Some had been converted into B&Bs and some I just assumed were beautiful Pinterest inspired dream homes on the inside. Either way, I started day dreaming about being a home owner (yeah right!).


Eventually I found the water and picked a rock to call home for a little bit while I sat and took a deep breath. I am always amazed at how much good the water does for me. Anytime I have an east coast layover whether it be St. Johns or Halifax I always feel so much more at home by the water. Something about the fresh salt water rushing through my head and clearing out all the cobwebs just puts me at ease. I ended up sitting there with all my thoughts and emotions until I started crying and an older man came up and started talking about the beautiful day we were having. I quickly put my sunglasses on so this gentleman didn’t think I was an emotionally unstable girl lost on the rocks of Victoria Park. He talked about his kids and his late wife and how Charlottetown has always felt like home to him because of the peacefulness that comes with it. I couldn’t help but snap out of my mood and wonder why I get so wrapped up in the little things.

I really don’t know where I want to live when I become a full-grown adult but the more I explore these little hidden gems of Canada the more I am drawn towards that small home town feeling that I never knew I craved so much. Here’s to you Canada.



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  1. Sarah says:

    I’ve been planning to move to Canada for the last few months (Hopefully some time next year) but now that I’ve gotten a new job it’d fallen to the back of my mind. Reading your post has made me excited for what’s to come 🙂
    I’ve never even been to Canada so I’m really hopeful my plans will follow through!


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