To The Mountains!

Hello everybody! Welcome to September! As much as I love summer, I love the fact that autumn is right around the corner. I feel that I get much more powerful in the fall. I get to wear kick ass boots with the wool socks my grandma knits for me and giant scarves. What else does a girl need?! I guess a girl needs some sunshine every now and then so how about we hold on to summer for a tad longer, okay? Speaking of sunshine, I’m currently recovering in my hotel room from the ridiculous Las Vegas sun. I got called off my reserve block for a 3 day pairing which is just one leg down to Vegas, 24 hours in the heat, and one leg back home. The last leg is the red-eye so I’ve been strategically drinking coffee and taking naps all day with a quick visit to the pool in-between.

My poor Canadian skin could only handle so much of the Vegas sun so I have retreated back to my air-conditioned paradise and figured it would be a good time to sit down and update you guys on how the rest of August went.

Honestly, most of August was a big blur spent up in the air flying. Stefan and I both had a pretty nutty schedule in August so we spent a lot of virtual time together. But we managed to have 4 whole days off together (that’s a big deal in case you were wondering). The only reason we managed such a chunk of time off together was so that we could go to Colorado to celebrate his best friend getting married. Gosh I love weddings. Stefan was in the wedding party so it was kind of important that we actually make it there. You would think it would be a piece of cake for a pilot and flight attendant to just hop on a flight and fly to Denver, right? Wrong.

By the 20th we were both finishing up a pairing that had us in the east coast. I worked the first flight out of St. Johns that morning and hustled back to my apartment to shower and pack. My plan was to take the 2:30 flight to NYC and meet Stefan at home right as he was finishing up his pairing. I got home and double checked the load and saw 1 open seat with 17 standbys and I was listed #9. Holy. Shit. There was no way I was getting on that flight and there was only 10 open seats on the last flight at 7:30 so there would be a slim chance of getting on that one too. Instead of stressing myself out I just patiently watch the employee confirmed ticket price until it dropped to a reasonable price and next thing you know I was parking my booty in a stress free confirmed seat on my way to NYC so we could continue on to Denver Sunday morning. My flight ended up being delayed 2 hours so by the time I got to his apartment it was midnight and our alarms were set for 2:45 the next morning. We got on each others nerves in the over-tired state we were in for about 20 minutes before calling it a night.

Stefan noticed the loads weren’t looking so hot direct to Denver so we decided to make a detour trip and go from Newark to Atlanta and then Atlanta to Denver. Once we got to the airport we stuffed some food in our faces and had a little chat that brought us back to our normal state and away from the over-tired crabs we were. We were hoping that we would be able to make a quick connection in Atlanta but as we walked up to the gate, we watched our plane push back without us. No biggie. We just had a 3 hour sit in Atlanta instead of 20 minutes. 3 hours later, our bellies were full of sweet tea and we were ready to board our final aircraft of that day. While Stefan was grabbing something, I was waiting with our crew bags when the sweetest gate agent walked up to me as asked “Where y’all sitting today?” I told her somewhere around row 22 but I was so tired I really had no clue. Within a couple of minutes she was giving me 2 new boarding passes and I looked down and saw *FIRST*PREMIER* I haven’t had a seat in first class in years and I felt like a little kid that got the Christmas present they didn’t know they wanted so bad. Stefan and I had so much room to finally get in a good nap and eat a solid meal.

Finally! We landed in Denver! The final stretch was a 2.5 hour drive to Nathrop, Colorado where the wedding was taking place. We made a pit stop in South Park. Yes. The South Park. Who knew that it actually existed and it was tucked away in the middle of nowhere in Colorado. As we were driving through the tiny town, I noticed this sign and yelled “BABE!” We pulled over and ran out in the rain just to take these pictures. This is why I love this man. We were road-tripping, eating whoppers and junior mints, sining along to all of annoying songs that are in the radio these days, awkward car dancing, and laughing.

After that long-winded adventure I’ll skip right to the next morning when the whole wedding party plus some went white water rafting and it was such a blast! I didn’t even fall into the water or break a bone – success! This was the first time I would be meeting ALL of Stefan’s longest friends (no pressure!). Everyone welcomed me with smiles and hugs and I felt like I had known them for years already. * Side note: can we all appreciate how adorable this bride and groom are? Stefan and I are alright.

Next it was wedding day! Stefan got up early to go set everything up with the groomsmen and I spent the day admiring the mountains and jumping in and out of hot springs at the resort we were staying at. Soon enough, I was starting to put myself together and head down to the ceremony site. I only cried twice during the ceremony. First, watching the grooms reaction to his bride walking down the aisle (she was damn beautiful). Second, the way they ended their vows set off all of the emotions. The reception was so perfect I can’t even describe it. I only cried once during the whole reception which was of course the father-daughter dance. Damn you emotions. We all danced our butts off, ate pizza, got a little tipsy and celebrated the marriage of two wonderful people. Getting away from the city and spending 3 days in the middle of the Colorado mountains with my person surrounded by love and his best friends was the getaway I didn’t know I needed. Here’s to love and mountains.


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