I’ve Got A Pretty Kick-Ass Job

Hello all! As promised, I am back here sooner rather than later to entertain you all with my constant rambling. As you all know, I’ve been struggling this month. I’ve lost touch with myself and I’ve been in a bit of a funk. I haven’t been excited to go to work because I’ve been feeling sad for no reason. Instead of letting this drag out and follow me to work, I decided to sit down and remind myself why I do what I do everyday and why it’s pretty kick-ass.

There are many great things about the wonderful world of aviation that are, to say the least, out of our control. We’ve all encountered that one annoying passenger who feels that the crowded Boeing 737-800 they are sitting on, is in fact, their very own private jet. We’ve all had to suffer through a flight with a child who just wants to scream bloody murder for 3 hours. When choosing to step onboard a pressurized metal tube and voluntarily hurl yourself at unimaginable speeds at a ridiculous altitude to a faraway land, one must do everything they can to keep themselves sane.

I see the bored look in your eyes as you watch me perform the safety demo and tell you how to buckle your seatbelt like you haven’t buckled yourself into your car for the last 20 years of your life. Or, even better, when you avoid eye contact  with me at all costs when I tell you to put your tray table up for take-off. It’s okay. I don’t blame you. With that said,  I wanted to compile a list of the many many reasons why becoming a flight attendant has been one of the best choices I have made in my crazy journey through life so far.


Reason #1 Why Being A Flight Attendant is a Kick-Ass Job: I travel around (a small portion of) the world on the company’s dime. Literally. My company flies me around the country (with a small agreement that I pour some drinks and avert any potential disasters) for free. They put me up in great hotels with king size beds. They give me an allowance per pairing so I can feed myself like the good adult I am. And they have the magical powers to have an unmarked shuttle waiting to transport me to and from the airport and hotel at a moments notice. Just a typical day in my world.

Reason #2 Why Being A Flight Attendant is a Kick-Ass Job: Whenever I’m not working, I still get to travel for relatively cheap. That’s right. My days off are sometimes spent doing exactly what I get paid to do, ride in an airplane. I can hop on a flight to Ottawa and see my family (which I don’t do enough). I can take a mini-vacation and fly down to Punta Cana for 3 nights. I can be in New York City in a little over an hour and all of a sudden this whole long distance situation Stefan and I are battling through doesn’t seem so bad. Pretty good deal I’d say.

Reason #3 Why Being A Flight Attendant is a Kick-Ass Job: One word. Flexibility. I get a work schedule just like everybody else. My schedule just happens to be given to me a month at a time. With my system, I am able to put in for individual bids like days off, pairing length, layover destinations, check in/out times, and so much more. I’m guaranteed to have 80-85 hours of flying a month (with a 4 day reserve block in there). I know I know, working 85 hours a month sounds like a dream! But those hours are the hours I actually spend in the air. That doesn’t factor in the time spent driving to the airport, getting the red light through crew bypass, doing security checks on the plane, boarding, grooming the aircraft after every flight, waiting for the shuttle to finally reach the hotel, or de-icing in the winter (oh Canada!). Even with all of that, I still manage to get 2 weeks off a month. On top of the schedule given to me every month, I’m able to drop pairings, pick up pairings, or trade pairings with other FAs. So, some months I max out my flying time at 110 hours!

Reason #4 Why Being A Flight Attendant is a Kick-Ass Job: The people. Yes. All of the people. It goes without saying that the people on this job can be a pro AND a con. But let’s be positive! The majority of people I come in contact with any given day are travellers. They are simply going from point A to point B with a very expensive piece of paper telling them where to sit. They are going to business meetings, vacations, and family events. My passengers are single parents, they’re fancy lawyers, they’re free-spirited back-packers. They all have a story. They’re excited about where they’re going and sad to be going home. Sometimes they are having one of those days where everything seems to be going wrong, and sometimes everything is going so right for them that they hug me simply for smiling and letting them borrow my pen to fill out their customs card. They keep me on my toes and they keep my days interesting. So YES, I am thankful for all of my passengers (even the C- ones).

Reason #5 Why Being A Flight Attendant is a Kick-Ass Job: I’m not going to lie… it’s easy. It really is. It involves a lot of smiling, and A LOT of small talk. It involves knowing how to slowly open a can of Diet Coke and twist the caps off tiny bottles off liquor. It involves  thinking on my toes and solving problems at a moments notice. It involves creativity and patience. And, in the worst case scenario, it will involve life-saving procedures. I spend my time during every take-off and landing reviewing our safety procedures and the headcount, but the rest of the time I spend it genuinely enjoying my time at work because it’s all temporary. We are all just hanging out in a giant metal tube soaring through the sky for a couple of hours and then we will all go our separate ways.

Reason #6 Why Being A Flight Attendant is a Kick-Ass Job: I don’t take work home with me. When I’m released, I’m released. I’m not thinking about what I have to get done before I go back to work (unless I happen to have to AQD something or complete a medical report). I’m not thinking about how I don’t want to see this person or that person tomorrow (mainly because I rarely fly the same people twice). I’m doing nothing on my time off, except enjoying my time off.

Reason #7 Why Being A Flight Attendant is a Kick-Ass Job: Everyday is different. I know to some people this sounds like a death sentence, and I completely get it. I know people who adhere to routine as if were their lifeline. Hats off to you my friends, you help balance the world with people like me who seem to currently love the consistent inconsistency. With this job, I don’t wake up at the same time every day, which means I also don’t get home from work at the same time every afternoon. I rarely work with the same people. I’m never in one place for much longer than 24 hours. One night I’m in Ottawa, the next I’m in Kelowna. It’s a constant, ever-changing adventure, and I wouldn’t dare change it because it gives me the world.



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Sarah says:

    I’m going to a Recruitment day tomorrow for Qantas and your post has made me even more excited!
    I’ve kind of convinced myself that it’s not all glamorous to be a Flight Attendant (which I still know it’s not) but it’s nice to read the positives of your job.
    Now let’s just hope I get in so I can experience these amazing destinations and king sized beds haha!


    1. jtbosko says:

      That’s amazing! I hope it went well for you! It really isn’t as glamorous as people make it out to be but it’s a really surprisingly rewarding job and you’ll know right away if it’s the lifestyle for you or not. I wish you the best and hope you can join me in the skies! xo

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Kaitlyn says:

    LOVE YOU MY AIR GIRL YOU. Loved this. Just all the loves.


    1. jtbosko says:

      Love you so much. Miss you tons!


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