Let’s Play Catch Up…

Well hello! It’s been a while since I’ve had the time (and energy) to sit and think about everything that has happened in the last couple weeks. Well first thing is first I made it through my Line In-Doc and my follow up flights so I’m a full fledged flight attendant (happy dance!) The crew I had for that just made it that much better. I asked them stupid questions and learned so much from them. They even got together and got me a little parting gift and signed the gift bag, which ended up meaning more to me, then I could have imagined. IMG_6143 I just got back Saturday night from my first pairing out all on my own. Let me tell you, that was an exciting but exhausting 5 days. We started out in St. Johns and I had a 30-hour layover but Newfoundland had already entered winter in full swing so I decided to have a sloth day and catch up on some R&R while I could. IMG_6111 After that we headed to Halifax where I got my fix of sight seeing. My dad is actually from the Halifax area so I took a stroll around downtown and had a donair for lunch IMG_6130 (he would have killed me if I didn’t have one while I was there!) and then I walked down to the waterfront to sit and breath in some fresh ocean air. IMG_6131 The following day was a big day, lots of hoping around and ups and downs (literally taking off and lading over and over) and the whole crew was exhausted. To save ourselves from an afternoon of misery the Captain made us all take a nap during a 2 hour sit in Ottawa… the glamorous side of the job nobody tells you about. IMG_6189 But we recharged and powered through the rest of our day before coming back to Ottawa for a layover. It was exciting because although I was as tired as I’ve ever been, I got to go see my Ottawa family for the night and have a hot home cooked meal and company. IMG_6204 After a other layover in Ottawa the next night which didn’t consist of any socializing at all (just a lot of sleeping), I found my way back to Toronto for some time off. I’ve learned to get excited and appreciate the little things that come with this new lifestyle. Like curling up with Lauren in her shoebox room on her futon while we eat Pizza Hut and watch Christmas movies. It’s not always about the big things in life; sometimes it’s about making a huge change in your life and letting things fall into place when they’re ready to.


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