And So It Begins

I’m going to make this brief (partly because I could write a novel and partly because it’s 6:15 and I’m ready for bed). Well, I have officially made it through my first day of my follow-up flight pairing. Yesterday I had my line in-doc which was just a tad nerve-racking (by tad I mean ALOT). I met with my Onboard Operations Teacher and we flew from Toronto to Orlando and back doing anything and everything Transport Canada needs to have you signed off on. I was so nervous yesterday morning but as the day went on I got a bit more confident with how I was doing. After we made it back to Canada my OOT (her name is Sherry and she’s just the best) went over my evaluation and told me I had passed. WOO HOO. One step closer. So I got back and debriefed with the crew and found my way out of the airport through all the crew sections and head home. It was such a long day and as tired as I was I had to stop and take a moment just before I left Union Station. Every time I walk through to take the UP Express I look at this beautifully coloured piano that just sits there every day with a sign that reads “Play Me. I’m Yours.” Yesterday there was this man sitting there playing the most beautiful song and I just stopped for a moment and admired him while finally taking my first deep breath of the day I’m sure. IMG_6103 Anyway, before that day turns into a novel… fast forward to this morning when my alarm went off at 4:00 am and I was starting to get ready for my first follow-up flight where I would actually be part of the crew. Whoa. My OOT and I were in the back of plane (I was position 2 and she was position 4) so we got to run through all of the duties for those positions. Our first flight was Toronto – Halifax then Halifax – St. Johns and now I sit in a giant marshmallow bed in my hotel room trying to focus on all the cool things I got to do today but my brain is a blur. IMG_6111 All I know is that I had the time of my life and guess what? I get to do it all again tomorrow!


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