That One Time We Decided To Go To Banff

I think the best days you can have are the days when you have no real plan. Today was  one of those days. Last night myself and 3 of the people from training I have become really close with joked about taking a road trip to Banff to treat ourselves after a really long week full of chaos. So this morning we all met downstairs for breakfast and decided why the hell not?! I mean we’ve busted our ass all week, we all passed our practice drills on the first try (unlike the other people who aren’t exactly taking this part of training seriously), and we deserve to have a day away to reset our brains for the final stretch. The 4 of us got into a rental car and started driving. Driving out of Calgary was pretty uneventful and then all of a sudden we were driving towards a giant wall of mountains. IMG_5762 I felt like a little kid waiting to open Christmas presents. As we got closer and closer to Banff I began to feel smaller and smaller as a human. I don’t think there is any other way to feel so insignificant than to be surrounded by The Rockies. BREATHTAKING. IMG_5810 We stopped in Banff for lunch and to walk around the little downtown area and I must say it was the most Canadian feeling town I have ever been in. I almost didn’t leave, seriously. But we decided to drive 45 minutes up to Lake Louise because everyone says it is one of the most beautiful views you will ever see. Well, we literally drove into Winter. There was so much snow on the ground and on the trees that I felt like I was in the middle of February all of sudden. When we walked down to Lake Louise we were not at all greeted with the view we were expecting, But, for me it was just as beautiful as I could have imagined (even without even being able to see The Rockies). The fog was rolling in, the snow was falling, the water was as crystal clear as I’ve ever seen… seriously beautiful. IMG_5781 I just stood there and took a deep breath of the freshest air and realized life is pretty great right now. It’s amazing how simply driving 2 hours up the road with good company can act as a reset button. I mean we ended the trip by having to push our car out of the snow (like true Canadians) even though it’s barely November, but hey, that’s Alberta for ya. IMG_5823If you’re ever feeling stressed or overwhelmed or like you just really need to reboot your system, I highly suggest just getting in a car and driving. You’ll surprise yourself with how the simple things will turn everything around for you.


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