Cabin Training, Cabin Training, and More Cabin Training

Hallelujah I am finally back in my hotel room for the night. The hotel shuttles forgot to pick us up tonight (yippee!) so after waiting a little over an hour we finally made our way back to the hotel to finally relax. But, I guess that was just preparation for real life scenarios that come with my new life – delays and IROPs at any time of day or night! Aside from that, today was a great day. We spent the first half of the day going over First Aid training focusing on how to handle situations in an aircraft. Someone having a heart attack on the ground is MUCH different than dealing with that same situation 40,000 feet in the air stuck in a metal tube with 130 other people. So that was pretty neat. Then the second half of the day we got to stay inside our little 12 row cabin trainer while we got signed off of numerous skills and drills like decompression, turbulence, fire fighting, non-normal door operations, emergency door operations, and everything in between it felt like. It was a long ass day to be honest. But, I know I’m starting to really settle into being a WestJetter when I got excited about our brand new Boeing 737-800 being delivered to the hangar we were in. IMG_5715 It. Was. Beautiful. So shiny and clean and still had the new plane smell – haha. It had never been flown and we got to a take a little tour around the inside… much bigger than our 12 row cabin trainer I can tell you that. IMG_5714 All things aside, today could have ended better but hey, I’m still here and enjoying every second of it.


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