The Day The Uniforms Came In…

Ohhhh Monday, we meet again. This Monday marks the start of week 3 already! Today was a good Monday (I know I know, I swear they exist). Today we did 100% hands on activities and it was lovely. We got signed off on multiple drills like oxygen administration, live fire fighting, and the safety demo drill. I don’t want to toot my horn… BUT… I’m pretty damn good at the safety demonstration now so… TOOT TOOT! After a long day of practicing skills and drills and everything in between, we headed back up to the classroom and saw we each had a box waiting for us. We all had received our uniforms… whoa. At that moment shit got real. We headed back to our hotel and after inhaling the free hotel dinner quicker than ever, we all headed back to our rooms to try on our new goodies of course. As I put it on piece by piece, I felt like I was turning into super woman. Until I got to my scarf… that shit is hard to tie! Seriously… how do you ladies make them so fancy? IMG_5702 IMG_5700 Either way, I felt like everything fell into place and it really hit me that this is happening and I’m really about to change my life and you know what? It feels amazing.


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